Computer & Laptop Sales

Here at HB Computers you can rely on us to house all your IT requirements. We promise to sell only best quality products from a range of market leading manufacturers and to deliver prices that remain competitive with current market trends. In addition, we offer the option of building tailor made desktops to suit your individual preferences… So If you have a particular specification in mind, you can rest assure we will accommodate it.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves in a quality before and after sale service. Not only will we offer honest and professional advice to assist in your decision making process, though we also provide a quality in after sales service.

New and used computers and laptops for sale in Hesketh Bank, Tarleton, Preston and Southport with HB Computers

In-Store Software Setup

Upon purchasing your product, we include free in store initial software set-up, removing both time and hassle. In addition, all our systems are installed with free Open Office software.

Therefore, through the sale of quality products at competitive prices and an honest before and after sales service you can be sure you will be receiving the most out of your money!

Pre-Owned Items

Aside from new desktops and laptops, we also offer a range of second user PCs, laptops and components in an effort to cater for a broader range of purposes and needs. Our second hand user desk is regularly replenished and re-stocked with a variety of 'one off' items. Please see in store for details.