Website Design

Our high quality web sites are easy to navigate and are designed to meet the needs of your business and your customers needs with a modern approach. We ensure we have the perfect understanding of what you want your website to deliver and we also ensure your site is attractive, functional, usable, accessible and affordable.

Website design

Accessibility and Usability

All our websites are built with accessibility and usability in mind: there is a text equivalent for every non-text element and when scripts such as javascripts are turned off all pages are still useable. Relative units are used in fonts so that you can control the text size and no pop-up or new windows are used without informing the user. Navigation bars and mechanisms are used in a consistent manner to make your website simple to navigate and font and background colours are chosen to allow best access to all text on the site. If your current website does not deliver you all of this, then why not call us and see how HB Computers can improve the accessibility and usability of your website.

Future Expansion

All our websites are constructed in such a way as to allow for future expansion. As your business grows your website should grow with it and it is important to ensure that your website has that inbuilt flexibility.

Recycle Your Old Website

To save on the cost of a new website build, why not recycle your old website instead? HB Computers are expert in taking apart old, tired websites and re-building them with full accessibility and usability and a fresh new look. Our website recycling starts at just £299.00 so why not save your resources and go green. Please ask us for more details.

Website and Email Hosting & Maintanance

We host and maintain websites and email accounts for many local businesses and deliver a sound, no-nonsense professional service. If you are seeking a hosting solution or are looking to have your website professionally maintained please call us to discuss your requirements.